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Here you can see some of our options. We offer also 1 Day Pass and packages with 3 connections. More info on Pricing page.

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Some of Our Channels


Only with us you can edit your list of channels. Now you can add or remove any channel, make shorter list. Only with IptvSensation you can have multiple connections and connect for each connection a Mag box or Enigma Box.

High Quality

Watch all your favorite live channels in HD from all around the world. Don’t miss your favorite teams or show anymore!


We provide own Android app, Kodi addon and Enigma 2 plugin.


Our channel list include a lot channels 2000+ from differents country. Some example :Italy, United Kingdom, Romania, Albania, Exyu, Germany, France, Usa, Portugal, Spain, Netherland, Arabian channels, etc. .

The Best Premium IPTV Service IptvSensation

IptvSensation - one of the first professional mediators of IPTV Provider on the World You will be delighted by our great service. IptvSensation leader at the mediation for IPTV Services during the past few years. Our outstanding price-performance ratio has so far convinced more than 500.000.customers. you will receive your order at a great price, in a safe way, and as fast as possible!

  • +2000 International Channels
  • +5000 Multilanguage VOD (EN,IT,SP)
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Immediatly Delivery
  • 24/7 Support
  • Android APK, Kodi Plugin and Enigma2 Plugin
  • EPG

Full Setup

Our IPTV works and installed on any Device you Own

Get access to excusive HD channels for your favorite TV Shows, Movie & Sports